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Inter-Industrial Scientific and Technical Laboratory
for Development, Manufacture and Introduction
of Automated Systems into Mining Industry.
Partnership agreements:
Agreement with Davis Derby LTD
Certificates & approvals:
POWER supply
Calibrator КНТИ
Metrological certificates:
ИДИ (CH4 & CO2)
ДКИ (O2)
ИДТ (C0)

Our Company was established in 1992 году. It was necessary to set up a laboratory in order to summarize the experience in installation, servicing, adaptation and operation in the Russian mining industry of foreign state-of-the-art integrated systems of centralized monitoring and control. At that time many such systems were bought abroad because they were not produced in Russia. Accumulated knowledge in this field made it possible to start development and production in Russia of individual assemblies and modules of these systems.

When accomplishing its tasks the laboratory developed and performed field tests of intrinsically safe temperature sensing devices, IR methane (СН4) and carbon dioxide (СО2) detectors, as well as power supply sources , which are not inferior to the best foreign analogs. At present preparation to mandatory certification and large-scale production of these devices is underway.

MNTL RIVAS is also an authorized agent of Davis Derby LTD company from the United Kingdom, which is a leader in this field and supply monitoring and control systems for hazard mining operations to improve operating safety. Our specialists participate in installation and commissioning of systems manufactured by the above mentioned companies and purchased by Russian customers and provide their first line support.

The history of Davis Derby is significantly richer as the company was founded about 225 years ago. Starting its activity with production of oil lamps for mines, the company was among the first to begin development of electronic devices for the mining industry. Now the elements of systems produced by the company meet the requirements of all current standards for intrinsically safe equipment and operate in mines of about 30 countries of the world.